A biography of jackie robinson an american athlete business executive and civil rights leader

We are brought closer than we have ever been to the great ballplayer, a man of courage and quality who became a pivotal figure in the areas of race and civil rights. Born in the rural South, the son of a sharecropper, Robinson was reared in southern California.

A biography of jackie robinson an american athlete business executive and civil rights leader

Early life Family and personal life Robinson was born on January 31,into a family of sharecroppers in Cairo, Georgia. Robinson's mother worked various odd jobs to support the family. With the track and field squad, he won awards in the broad jump. He was also a member of the tennis team.

A biography of jackie robinson an american athlete business executive and civil rights leader

He was a shortstop and leadoff hitter for the baseball team, and he broke school broad-jump records held by his brother Mack. On January 25,he was arrested after vocally disputing the detention of a black friend by police. Karl Downs to attend church on a regular basis, and Downs became a confidant for Robinson, a Christian.

Washington, Strode, and Robinson made up three of the team's four backfield players. Although the Army's initial July guidelines for OCS had been drafted as race neutral, few black applicants were admitted into OCS until after subsequent directives by Army leadership.

While at Fort Hood, Robinson often used his weekend leave to visit the Rev. The driver backed down, but after reaching the end of the line, summoned the military policewho took Robinson into custody.

A biography of jackie robinson an american athlete business executive and civil rights leader

Batesrefused to authorize the legal action, [66] Robinson was summarily transferred to the th Battalion —where the commander quickly consented to charge Robinson with multiple offenses, including, among other charges, public drunkenness, even though Robinson did not drink.

He had grown used to a structured playing environment in college, and the Negro leagues' disorganization and embrace of gambling interests appalled him. No black man had played in the major leagues since Moses Fleetwood Walker inbut the Boston Red Sox nevertheless held a tryout at Fenway Park for Robinson and other black players on April In the mids, Branch Rickeyclub president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgersbegan to scout the Negro leagues for a possible addition to the Dodgers' roster.

Rickey selected Robinson from a list of promising black players and interviewed him for possible assignment to Brooklyn's International League farm clubthe Montreal Royals. The best was Josh Gibson. I think that's one of the reasons why Josh died so early — he was heartbroken. Clay Hopperthe manager of the Royals, asked Rickey to assign Robinson to any other Dodger affiliate, but Rickey refused.

As he was not allowed to stay with his teammates at the team hotel, he lodged instead at the home of a local black politician. In Sanford, Floridathe police chief threatened to cancel games if Robinson and Wright did not cease training activities there; as a result, Robinson was sent back to Daytona Beach.

Robinson thus became the first black player to openly play for a minor league team against a major league team since the de facto baseball color line had been implemented in the s. On April 18,Roosevelt Stadium hosted the Jersey City Giants ' season opener against the Montreal Royalsmarking the professional debut of the Royals' Jackie Robinson and the first time the color barrier had been broken in a game between two minor league clubs.Dec 12,  · I chose this book because Jackie Robinson is my favorite baseball player of all time.

might have been one of the most important years in American history because Jackie Robinson was the first black athlete to sign with a white team/5(64). The Jackie Robinson Reader: Perspectives of an American Hero.

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New York: Penguin Books, Wilber, Cynthia J. For the Love of the Game: Baseball Memories From the Men Who Were There. New York: William Morrow and Company, Ardolino, Frank, "Jackie Robinson and the Honolulu Bears." The National Pastime, SABR, The extraordinary life of Jackie Robinson is illuminated as never before in this full-scale biography by Arnold Rampersad, who was chosen by Jack's widow, Rachel, to tell her husband's story, and was given unprecedented access to his private papers/5(6).

With the New Frontier, Robinson's political activity ''trails off into disappointments and conditional sentences,'' as Roger Kahn wrote in ''The Boys of Summer.'' Calling himself a one-man ''pressure group for civil rights,'' Robinson traded heavily on his authority as the apotheosis of the American Negro. Feb 18,  · Business Leader, Civil Rights Activist (–) Branch Rickey was an innovative baseball executive known for his groundbreaking decision to bring Jackie Robinson into the major leagues, thereby breaking the color attheheels.com: Dec 20, The year saw the release of a film biography of Robinson's life, The Jackie Robinson Story, in which Robinson always considered his business career as advancing the cause of black Robinson later praised Kennedy effusively for his stance on civil rights. Robinson .

A Biography of Jackie Robinson an American Athlete, Business Executive and Civil Rights Leader PAGES 1. of i never had it made, biography of jackie robinson, jackie robinson, the jackie robinson story.

Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin. After retiring from baseball early in , Robinson engaged in business and in civil rights activism. He was a spokesperson for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and made appearances with Martin Luther King, Jr.

Aug 21,  · Watch video · Robinson’s older brother was a silver medalist at the attheheels.com Jackie Robinson’s youth in California, his older brother Mack was a star sprinter on the Pasadena Junior College track team.

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