Advantages and disadvantages of hurdle rates

Suggested Readings and Resources Study Strategies As with all chapters in this book, the objective is to understand the strategic implications of HR programmatic activities through grounding in the law, concepts, and practices associated with them. In this case, you should begin with the strategic plan of the organization and understand how the various employment practices facilitate its achievement. It is not enough to know the basics of recruitment or job analysis or workforce planning in isolation.

Advantages and disadvantages of hurdle rates

Share Renewable Energy Renewable Energy is one of the most read about and discussed topics in the world however various misconceptions remain about the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy.

Note Renewable Energy is a a very large topic and encompasses many different alternative energy forms which have their own distinct pros and cons. Renewable Energy itself compared to Fossil Fuel forms of Non-Renewable Energy has substantial advantages and some disadvantages as well the biggest of which is Cost.

Also note Fossil Fuel Energy has got a massive established base, industry and lobby. The power of the Oil,Coal and Gas Industry is strong enough without the disadvantages of Renewable Energy like intermittency solar, windhigh costs solarlow potential tidal energycatastrophic risk Nuclear, Hydro making it more difficult to substitute these Global Warming Energy Sources.

Unlike coal and others forms of fossil fuel which have been buried millions of years ago and burning them adds to carbon in the atmosphere, responsible biomass energy generation results in no new carbon emissions or pollution.

To use to as energy before the conversion is an important use of the millions of tons of waste that is generated by human activities.

Note wind energy is slightly higher while solar is even higher. For example nuclear energy requires a typical plants size of at least MW to make it economical. Capturing this methane yields energy while protecting the atmosphere. The animal industry and landfills produce significant amounts of methane.

Biomass Energy Cons 1 Pollution in case of Poor Technology — Biomass Energy can lead to air pollution in the form of char if the biomass is not completely combusted. This happens in the case of biomass energy being produced in rural areas through bad technology.

The plants are forced to run at lower utilization leading to higher costs if feedstock is not available due to some reason like a drought 3 Good Management Required — The operations of a biomass plant requires very good management otherwise it may run into losses or even in some cases have to shut down.

It requires a skill of high order to run the plant optimally and make use of alternative feedstock in case the regular one is not available. Nuclear Energy Pros 1 Reliability — Nuclear Power is a highly reliable form of energy almost as good as other fossil fuel energy forms like coal, gas etc.

Nuclear Power Plants except in drastic situations continue to run reliably for the whole day without any changes. Also uranium prices currently are quite low making the nuclear electricity price even lower.

This makes them very attractive as a source of cheap, non carbon dioxide producing electricity. Only Solar Energy can be said to have more potential. Note new technologies and fuels like fast breeder and thorium are still in the works which can increase the potential of Nuclear Power more.

Price shocks due to high fuel costs are a big risk with fossil fuel energy these days.


The payback period is estimated to be between years for a normal hydro power plant. This makes them ideal storage for wind and solar power which are intermittent in nature.

Advantages and disadvantages of hurdle rates

Hydro Dams can be modified at low costs to allow pumped storage. Small Hydro Plants are being encouraged by government as they cause less ecological affects than large hydro plants.

Advantages and disadvantages of hurdle rates

Even micro hydro plants are possible. Hydroelectricity is more or less predictable much in advance though it can decrease in summer months when the water is low in the catchment areas.

The long life implies that the life cycle cost of a Hydel Power Plant becomes very low in the long term. Submergence of land also leads to ecological destruction of the habitat of land based wildlife.

This has a negative effect on dams and subsequently their power stations, particularly those on rivers or within catchment areas with high siltation 5 Tail Risk, Dam Failure — Because large conventional dammed-hydro facilities hold back large volumes of water, a failure due to poor construction, terrorism, or other cause can be catastrophic to downriver settlements and infrastructure.

Dam failures have been some of the largest man-made disasters in history. The Banqiao Dam failure in Southern China directly resulted in the deaths of 26, people, and anotherfrom epidemics.

Some forms of Energy are just better suited to some places. Hydro Energy can only be built in particular places though enough of those places exist globally. The fear of a repeat is so great that despite all the safety arrangements touted by the nuclear equipment operators and suppliers, Nuclear Energy faces an uncertain future.

Spent nuclear fuel is initially very highly radioactive and so must be handled with great care and forethought. There is no foolproof way to dispose nuclear waste fuel after it is used in the Nuclear Reactors.

The area around Nuclear Waste Sites can be dangerous to humans for hundreds of year as complex nuclear elements have half lives running into many years.

Permanent storage underground in U.

What is a 'Hurdle Rate'

Presently, waste is mainly stored at individual reactor sites and there are over locations around the world where radioactive material continues to accumulate. Currently there is a major international controversy with regards to the Iranian Nuclear Energy Program.Advantages.

Disadvantages. To Consumer: Health image More expensive than processed juice. Fresher sensory appeal - flavour, colour. Shorter shelf life. Closer to self preparation, but convenient "Natural" image. Read benefits and advantages of Make in India to know why their is so much hype of Make in India.

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Their are some disadvantages of make in India which will. Barrier Technology Air Products and Chemicals of Allentown, Pennsylvania, has commercialized a fluorine-based barrier technology that enables plastic fuel tank manufacturers to meet more stringent emissions standards.

The SHED tests completed in on Airoguard plastic tanks produced by Kautex of Canada indicated hydrocarbon permeation rates . Risk Measurement: An Introduction to Value at Risk Thomas J. Linsmeier and Neil D. Pearson* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign July Abstract. In today’s world, fabricators have a wide range of choices in deciding the best welding process and consumable to use in a particular application.

Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of PAYGO Approaches The following table lists some of the relevant positive and negative experiences with PAYGO models.

For each bullet point, you find more details in the rest of the article above.

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