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He has investigated the evolution of global Internet routing to discover the occurrence of significant events that result in large-scale, repeated changes to the routing system, spanning many years. He has also developed new notions of anomalous routing behavior, and shown how such anomalies can be understood in the context of the economic and engineering goals of ISPs. His work is characterized by the development of strong formal frameworks for analysis, and straddles the boundaries between the development of new data mining methods and the application of those methods to make discoveries about Internet behavior.

Applied computer paper research

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February 11, KDDto be held in London, August,invites submission of papers describing innovative research on all aspects of knowledge discovery and data mining, ranging from theoretical foundations to novel models and algorithms for data mining problems in science, business, medicine, and engineering.

Visionary papers on new and emerging topics are also welcome, as are application-oriented papers that make innovative technical contributions to research. Authors are explicitly discouraged from submitting incremental results that do not provide major advances over existing approaches.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Large-scale systems for text and graph analysis, machine learning, optimization, parallel and distributed data mining cloud, map-reducenovel algorithmic and statistical techniques for big data. Methods for analyzing scientific and business data, social networks, time series; mining sequences, streams, text, web, graphs, rules, patterns, logs data, spatio-temporal data, biological data; recommender systems, computational advertising, multimedia, finance, bioinformatics.

Due to the large number of submissions, papers submitted to the Research track will not be considered for publication in the Applied Data Science track and vice versa.

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Authors are encouraged to read the track descriptions carefully and to choose an appropriate track for their submissions. Following KDD conference tradition, reviews are not double-blind, and author names and affiliations should be listed.

Submissions are limited to a total of 9 nine pages, including all content and references, and must be in PDF format and formatted according to the new Standard ACM Conference Proceedings Template.

Feb 11, For details, see www.

The primary emphasis is on papers that either solve or advance the understanding of issues related to deploying data science technologies in the real world. Submitted papers will go through a peer review process.

The Applied Data Science Track is distinct from the Research Track in that submissions focus on real-world problems and systems that are deployed or are in the process of being deployed. Submissions must clearly identify one of the following three categories they fall into: The ADS Chairs might shift a submission from one category to another, if they find that the submission is misplaced.

The criteria for submissions in each category are as follows: Must describe implementation of a system that solves a significant real-world problem and is in current use. The paper should present the problem, its significance to the application domain, the decisions and tradeoffs made when making design choices for the solution, the deployment challenges, and the lessons learned.

Evidence must be provided that the solution has been deployed by quantifying post-launch performance. Papers that describe enabling infrastructure for large-scale deployment of applied machine learning also fall in this category.

An example might be a deployed system that collects heartbeat audio from mobile phones during a marathon race and uses machine learning to identify potentially irregular signals and to alert support personnel.

As above, except that the system has not been deployed yet or rarely! In addition to the content required for deployed solution papers, in-progress papers must explain what fundamental insights were achieved so far, what milestones were reached, and what are the obstacles to deployment.

Straightforward improvements over trivial baseline solutions are unlikely to qualify. Continuing the example above, an in-progress paper might present a system that achieves reasonable error rates in an experiment with many volunteers but suffers from interferences among mobiles that are located very close to each other.

Continuing the example above, an observational paper might present an analysis of a large number of recordings taken during in-hospital cardiac stress tests juxtaposing the system's performance to that of human cardiologists, the correlation between "murmurs" and other heart tests, the size of the models that can analyze the audio satisfactorily, etc, and from here derive whether such a system is currently realistic or will have to wait for better sensors and more on-device computing power.

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Feb 11, For details, see.Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a scientific discipline concerned with applying techniques based upon the principles of learning to change behavior of social significance.

It is the applied form of behavior analysis; the other two forms are radical behaviorism (or the philosophy of the science) and the experimental analysis of behavior (or basic experimental research).

Applied computer paper research

ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP) aims to broaden the synergy between computer science and psychology/perception by publishing top quality papers that help to unify research in these fields.

The journal publishes inter-disciplinary research of significant and lasting value in all subfields of Computer Science and Experimental Psychology.

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Research India Publications. Subjects: Agriculture and Biotechnology International Journal of Applied Agricultural Research [IJAAR] International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Sciences [IJTACS] Communication in Applied Geometry [CAG ] V.

Laxman and C. Venkatesan, "Computational Aeroelastic Formulation for Predicting Helicopter Trim and Loads," Invited Paper, Symposium on Applied Aerodynamics and Design of Aerospace Vehicles (SAROD), National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, December Topics Computer Engineering Densmore Named Top-Five Innovator by Design Automation Conference Global award honors researchers in field of electronic design automation.

Established in , the BU Computer Science Research Excellence Award (REA) is presented annually to the PhD student or students who have produced outstanding research results over the course of their studies in the department.

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