Beowulf vs dragon essay

Beowulf The poem of Beowulf stands as one of the earliest works in English in which it deals with feuding, religion and fate.

Beowulf vs dragon essay

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Hire Writer The good qualities of loyalty, humility, sacrifice for the good of others, and sympathy for those less fortunate are seen woven into the text as well as the negative consequences from greed and pride.

In a thorough analysis of Beowulf, the Christian and pagan elements, represented in the characters and their journeys through various countries, creates an epic adventure filled with superhuman qualities and Christian ideals that often parallel themselves to biblical characters and events.

The pagan elements of the epic are evident in a couple of the characters superhuman qualities during the first two parts of the poem. Beowulf is seen as a superhero and takes it upon himself to use his strength to defeat Grendel and save the Danes from the turmoil that has haunted them for the past twelve years.

Beowulf vows to fight Grendel with no weapons and will rely only on his super strength to defeat the monster. During the battle, Beowulf wrestles with the evil monster until he is able to grab hold of Grendels arm and rip it out of the socket These pagan, superhuman feats also appear in part two where Beowulf swims downward for an entire day, without oxygen, before reaching the lair of Grendels mother.

In their battle, Beowulfs sword is useless against the tough skin of Grendels mother. He seizes a sword hanging on the wall that was forged by giants too heavy for any normal human to hold and slashes through the monsters tough body Beowulfs superhuman strength is even more undeniable when he tells of his swimming match at sea with Breca.

They each swam in icy waters for five days and five nights carrying swords to fight off the sea monsters. When Beowulf found himself pulled underwater by a monster, he killed it and eight other sea beasts that came to attack him These pagan influences of amazing superhuman strength are not only apparent in Beowulf, but in many of the monsters he confronts on his journey.

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Another pagan influence is instilled. In many pagan religions and believes, animals were worshiped as gods. Beowulf seems afraid of defeat and failure. His boastful remarks are reminders to himself of his invincibility.

In this poem, the poet is both critical and praising of the Anglo-Saxons beliefs and customs.

Beowulf vs dragon essay

Sskind and Death Essay Grendel, as well as his mother, has no knowledge of weapons so he depends on his extraordinary strength to destroy his enemies. He devours men whole leaving almost no trace of blood or destruction except for the door he ripped off the hinges.

In Beowulf, among other pagan stories, the dragon is seen as a super powerful enemy to the hero. When a thief infiltrates the dragons lair and steals a gem-covered goblet, the dragon awakes with rage and terrorizes the Earth.

The dragons rampage eventually targets the throne of Beowulf and his Kingdom.

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Beowulf confronts the dragon who spits fire with such an intense heat that it melts Beowulfs shield to his armor These battles fought with fabled monsters, such as Grendel and the dragon, are common examples of pagan influences in epic adventures as well as symbolic references to the challenges we must confront in life.Essays; Beowulf vs.

Grendel; Beowulf vs. Grendel. 10 October They also share all the monsters Beowulf fights in his epic, like the Dragon. In the epic, the dragon is greedy monster that hoards his treasure, and kills Beowulf.

In the novel, he is all knowing, and gives advice to Grendel. They also share Grendel’s mother. The fire-worm from the movie, also symbolizes the dragon from Beowulf.

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Another comparison is the fact of Good vs. The fire-worm in the movie, which was actually just the fire from the sticks carried by the Wendol, represented the dragon from the epic Beowulf.3/5(2). Beowulf and the Dragon Essay - Beowulf and the Dragon Beowulf is a poem about strength and courage.

This is illustrated in the eighth section of the story called “Beowulf and the Dragon.”. Essay about The Importance of Grendel and the Dragon in Beowulf Words | 6 Pages The Importance of Grendel and the Dragon in Beowulf “In my youth I engaged in many wars”, Beowulf boasts to his warriors, which is certainly true.

This statement stated by the narrator tells about the hero, Beowulf, seeking revenge on a dragon. The epic Beowulf was written in England, and translated in A.D. The epic focuses on bravery, the characteristics of a good king, and the battle against Good and Evil. Beowulf vs. Grendel Essay Elements of a Series.

Essay Beowulf Is An Epic Hero Beowulf is an epic hero who has went through the hero’s journey. Amongst the warriors depicted in the poem, Beowulf emerges as the most heroic.

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