Domestic violence against women in russia

But when they were put into new labyrinths, and not punished, they did not move.

Domestic violence against women in russia

Gen Mikhail Artamoshkin expressed his concerns over the country's crime rate, that had doubled in a mere five years between and He emphasized that also domestic violence had increased so that up to 40 percent of all serious violent crimes were committed within families. Every year about 14, women died in the hands of partners or other relatives, and 3, women killed their partners.

In 90 percent of cases, a woman had first experienced systematic beating and violence.

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About two-thirds of premeditated murders and grievous bodily harm was done in intimate relations or within families.

The violence in one form or another was observed in almost every fourth family. The reasons for domestic crimes were different and included quarrels and scandals, hostile relations on the basis of families' problems, housing and domestic conflicts, which were often of long-lasting character.

As the main causes over the whole populae Artamoshkin referred "low morale" and income problems. While in wealthy families crimes happened also due to jealousy and avarice.

High unemployment frustrated people and led to the abuse of alcohol and violence towards women and adolescents.

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Artamoshkin pointed out that many preventing features in society vanished with the collapse of the Soviet Union in He stated that the militia officers of districts had started in co-operation with child protection officials to work with families. And that, as a result of the preventive work the annual cases of domestic violence had decreased by percent.

Consistent with previous research, male and female students were about equally likely to be victims and perpetrators of all violent and aggressive actions. BBC reported information from a Russian interior ministry thatwomen were physically or verbally abused at home and 14, of them died that year from injuries inflicted by their partner.

Domestic violence against women in russia

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message Yelena Makkey, the legal consultant of the Yekaterina Crisis Centre in the Uralssaid that when facing victims of domestic violence police frequently don't understand that they should treat the cases as a violation of human rights.

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According to the data ofmore than women per year die from the hands of husbands or other relatives.But not in Russia, where the Duma (parliament) voted this week to decriminalise domestic violence against family members unless it is a repeat offence or causes serious medical damage.

Mar 08,  · Watch video · It was a domestic violence case that shocked Russia in , triggering debate on the role of police in addressing an epidemic that kills at least 12, women every year, according to Human Rights Watch. To understand how endemic Russia’s domestic violence problem is, consider it’s about 30 times worse .

RFE/RL reports that the most recent statistics for women killed in domestic violence are for the year (26 Jan.

Domestic violence against women in russia

). On the basis of available information, IHF estimates that 80 per cent of all violent crimes in. Jan 25,  · Russia's Parliament gave overwhelming support to a draft law that would ease some penalties for domestic violence, alarming women's rights campaigners who fear it will encourage abuse.

Russia is a party to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), which prohibits violence against women, whether in public or in private, and.

[lvi] In , Russian government officials told the U.N. Special Rapporteur on violence against women that these provisions are adequate to punish perpetrators of domestic violence and that Russia did not need special legislation against domestic violence.

Russia: Bill to Decriminalize Domestic Violence | Human Rights Watch