Richard vuduc thesis

Lowenthal, Jaxk Reeves, Bronis R. Todd Gamblin, Bronis R. Fowler and Daniel A. Dong Li, Bronis R.

Richard vuduc thesis

The time-domain BEM for the wave equation in acoustics and electromagnetism is used to simulate the propagation of a wave with a discretization in time. It allows to obtain several frequency-domain results with one solve.

In this thesis, we investigate the implementation of an efficient TD-BEM solver using different approaches.

This system is naturally computed using the sparse matrix-vector product SpMV.

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We show that this operator is not appropriate for our problem, and we then propose to reorder the original computation to get a special matrix structure. The resulting solver is parallelized with a hybrid strategy above heterogeneous nodes and relies on a new heuristic to balance the work among the processing units.

Due to the quadratic complexity of this matrix approach, we study the use of the fast multipole method FMM for our time-domain BEM solver. We investigate the parallelization of the general FMM algorithm using several paradigms in both shared and distributed memory, and we explain how modern runtime systems are well-suited to express the FMM computation.[1] Aparna Chandramowlishwaran, Kathleen Knobe, and Richard Vuduc..

“Performance evaluation of Concurrent Collections on high-performance multicore computing systems.”. Automatic Performance Tuning of Sparse Matrix Kernels by Richard Wilson Vuduc B.S.

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(Cornell University) A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the. OSKI: Autotuned sparse matrix kernels Richard Vuduc LLNL / Georgia Tech [Work in this talk: Berkeley] James Demmel, Kathy Yelick, UCB [BeBOP group]. Performance Optimizations and Bounds for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplyy Richard Vuduc James W.

Demmel Katherine A. Yelick Shoaib Kamil Rajesh Nishtala. and Mac workstations in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Univ.

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of South Carolina. • Best Graduate Thesis Tsinghua University Jul. • Graduate with Honor (1 out of 50 graduate students) Tsinghua University Jul.

Richard vuduc thesis

1. Zhihui Du, Rong Ge, Victor W. Lee, Richard Vuduc, David A. Bader, and Ligang He. Modeling the.

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Ph.D. Thesis Defense Announcement. Title: Dr. Richard Vuduc, School of Computational Science and Engineering, Georgia Tech Dr. George Biros, Institute of Computational Engineering and Sciences, UT Austin (advisor).

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