The distinct different values of john and stephen kumalo in cry the beloved country by alan paton

An active and intelligent child, Paton went on to attend Natal University, where, among other activities, he wrote poetry and served as student body president. Ten years later, he left teaching to pursue a career as a reformatory worker.

The distinct different values of john and stephen kumalo in cry the beloved country by alan paton

As it was being written, South Africa was not Cry, the Beloved Country was filmed once before, inin an honorable if somewhat stilted multi-national effort featuring a young Sidney Poitier in one of his first film roles. This current version is, however, very much a South African production, a bellwether of the enormous changes in that country.

Together all have wrought a work worthy to be placed in the top ranks of international cinema. The story traces the wrenching odyssey of Stephen Kumalo Jonesa provincial Anglican priest from Zululand, who journeys to Johannesburg in to both save an errant sister fallen into prostitution and to reconnect with a wayward son, Absalom Eric Miyeni.

Stephen Kumalo sees his son tried for murder--and convicted--before returning to his parish, where he again must face Jarvis on their own home territory.

Besides being Dantesque, the film could be called Biblical, not only in its timeless, formal language, but in its ageless themes of suffering and redemption.

Reinvoking the Biblical idea, his Stephen is a modern Job, taking on the burdens of the world with but his dignity and tears to defend himself. He achieves something rare in motion picture acting: Not only does Harris make these changes real, he carries them off with laudable restraint in an actor prone to excess.

Dutton adds further stature to the film with his pugnacious portrayal of John Kumalo, the urban hustler who is beginning to learn how to manipulate the system--so distinct from his guileless brother.

The distinct different values of john and stephen kumalo in cry the beloved country by alan paton

A cluster of South African supporting actors round out a splendid cast. Kunene as a young priest-in-themaking, uncertain of his practice but somehow certain of his calling, and Eric Miyeni as Absalom, achingly uncomprehending as the victim of a system and his own appetites.

All of the above could sound forbidding to some as perhaps too stately, too grim. Admittedly, there is little humor if you want yucks, rent Ace Venturaand the drama is one forlorn discovery after another. Yet the original story is so powerful in its momentum towards reconciliation that it carries you along.

Singh got his start distributing 16mm films and videos, then moved from the distribution of movies to their production in Interviewed by the Hill Rag during a recent Washington visit, Singh noted his long-term commitment to the filming of the Paton novel.

Singh said the film was years in development, but he always knew he wanted James Earl Jones as his lead and was able to discuss the role with the actor early on. While staying busy with other projects--including Sarafina in South Africa, Fatherhood in the U.

Singh kept working on Cry, rounding up director Roodt and his crew and scouting locations. Asked how the production has been received so far in the States, Mr. January Suggest Documents.Nature vs.

Nurture in "Cry,the beloved Country" people's character are decided by either genetic inheritance or their surroundings.

In Cry, the Beloved Country, two brothers, John and Stephen Kumalo, are shown to have distinctly different values, although they are of the same family.4/5(4). Cry, The Beloved Country provides the reader with varied examples of parent/child relationships, and, equally important, places familial relationships in the context of societal issues.

In a sense, Cry, The Beloved Country is the quintessential family work, for it connects the very notion of family to larger philosophical and religious constructs.

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Alan Paton. what country does Cry the Beloved Country originate from? - Stephen Kumalo - James Jarvis - Theophilus Msimangu - Absalom Kumalo - John Kumalo who's point of view is Cry the Dear Beloved Country told from?

shifting point of view throughout book, anonymous narrator.

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